Neurosurgery Center

Emsey Hospital - Neurosurgery Center

Our center is designed just as an excellence center based on multidisciplinary approach of fully equipped Neurosurgery, Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Radiology, Cardiology and Psychiatry  departments in diagnosis and treatment of many diseases that affect brain. 3 Tesla MRI is available in this center, while advanced medical technology is continuously invested in Radiology, EEG-EMG and Sleep Laboratory and Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratories, as required by modern medicine.

Our center combines surgical procedures that have scientifically proven accuracy with new generation medical devices and in addition to conventional neurosurgical procedures, minimally invasive method, stereotactic radiosurgery, awake brain surgery and deep brain simulation methods can be used for Neurooncology, Neurovascular Surgery, Skull Base Surgery and Peripheral Nerve Surgery.

Patients are provided with comprehensive care that involves meticulous preoperative and postoperative supervision in our intensive care units that are managed with integrated intensive care and clinical information management system.

Various conditions and clinical syndromes of central and peripheral nervous systems, irrespective of etiology, are investigated in our Neurology outpatient clinic and progressive diseases with similar signs and symptoms, such as Dementia and Alzheimer, are followed up and both medical and up-to-date surgical treatment methods are available for Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

The state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI and imaging modalities that boost results of neuroradiology studies, such as MR spectroscopy, functional MRI, Diffusion Sensor Imaging and Arterial Spin Labeling, are available in our center. 3 Tesla MRI plays an important role in neurosurgery and risks of manipulating incorrect targets are eliminated, as the surgeon is provided with accurate details about size and location of tumor that is located in regions difficult to reach, and so, functional areas of brain, such as movement and speaking, are not damaged.