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Expert physicians and academicians use all possible means of modern medicine for multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of cancer in our center and the diagnosis is established with the help of personalized approaches at the phase of early diagnosis – the most important phase of anti-cancer treatment.

Oncologic Surgery Center renders services in operating theatres and intensive care units equipped with advanced technology and novel procedures in the field of cancer surgery are performed, as the staff is specialized in a wide range of specializations.

A team of physicians from all relevant branches and experienced psychologists, dieticians and chemotherapy nurses follows patients at our Medical Oncology Center and treatment processes are conducted with a great care and precision. Also, our patients are assessed from every aspect by Tumor Council consisting of physicians from various disciplines in order to plan the most proper and most effective treatment in the light of contemporary scientific evidences.

Thanks to Health Robotics technology which is used at our hospital for the first time in Turkey, targeted therapy drugs and molecules are untouched in the preparation phase and safely administered at personalized doses. Moreover, cosmetic concerns of patients are minimized by using a special cooling cap that alleviates loss of hair secondary to chemotherapy.

Along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy planning at our center, targeted treatment protocol is performed with Microsphere (Radio-Embolization) – a new generation treatment option in the field of Nuclear Medicine.

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC), also called hot chemotherapy, enables high concentration of chemotherapeutic agent in the tumor tissue, as the agent is injected directly into the peritoneum, and it is another treatment option available in our center.

Phytotherapy – healing power of nature guided by modern medicine

Phytotherapy is an herbal therapy that complements surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in cancer, and as is the case with all disease groups, herbal remedies with efficiencies proven by scientific studies are successfully used by our Medical Oncologist and Phytotherapy Expert Prof. Hakan Karagöl, M.D., in our Phytotherapy Center.

Doctors of Department: Medical Oncologist and Phytotherapy Expert Prof. Hakan Karagöl, M.D., Medical Oncologist Prof. Faysal Dane, M.D. and Yunus Kayalar, M.D.

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