Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Center

Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Center

Our Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Center has a series of state-of-the-art devices, experiences physicians and technicians and interdisciplinary approach is adopted by medical oncology, nuclear medicine, radiology and pathology departments while spread of tumor is investigated, tumor is staged and the most proper and effective treatment protocol is recommended.

Trilogy technology involves versatile IMRT, IGRT and SRT/SRC methods all over the world and it cannot only be used for different types of cancer, but it can also treat small lesions, as it can emit high doses within a short interval.

Moreover, MR-LINAC can very accurately irradiate even tumors that are located in moving organs and so, intact tissues are preserved with great care while the tumor is irradiated.

3D CONFORMAL Radiotherapy, another technological investment made by our center, enables virtual simulation of the diseased organ with extremely high precision and so, health tissues and organs are spared and most successful treatment option can be applied.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) - a non-invasive method that is effective for brain and head tumors –delivers high-dose pinpoint radiation to the cancerous tissue and high success rates are achieved in the treatment that protects healthy tissues and the patient in the fullest sense.