Reproductive Health (IVF) Center

Emsey Hospital - Reproductive Health (IVF) Center


In our Reproductive Health Center, a team of urologist, embryologist, psychologist and medical genetic specialists as well as specially trained nurses and most importantly obstetricians who are experienced in in vitro fertilization therapy provide the most proper and contemporary treatment options with scientifically proven accuracy by utilizing every means of modern medicine for couples longing to have children.

Early diagnosis and preventive medicine practices for gynecological diseases, regular screening tests and routine supervisions are conducted with care and precision at our center, wherein pre-conception genetic tests – detection of chromosome anomaly-, embryo freezing and selecting sperms with highest quality with IMSI technique are practiced.

In our advanced embryology laboratory, Endoscopic Reproductive Surgery and laparoscopic and hysteroscopic operations are performed successfully along with diagnostic and therapeutic methods such as testicular biopsy as well as ovulation induction (ovulation therapy), artificial insemination, conventional IVF, microinjection and other micromanipulation methods.