Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Neonatology Unit)

All newborn infants who need intensive care are given necessary support at our hospital. Babies are brought together with families using modern medical equipment based on up-to-date information and necessary resources are supplied for information and education. Our unit is designed to serve newborns, who need advanced stage care, and intensive care services are provided by one associate professor of neonatology and one neonatologist.

The unit is designed to render healthcare services in three divisions; newborn division, where premature babies and term newborns with severe disease are served (15 incubators); isolation division, where patients referred from third party healthcare facilities and septic patients are monitored (8 rooms); and the final division, where babies with diseases controlled and healthier babies are followed up (15 incubators). 38 incubators, 22 mechanical ventilators, 38 patient monitors, 12 phototherapy devices, one blood gas analyser and one TPN preparation unit are available in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Advanced stage care is offered to babies who are born at Week 22 of the pregnancy and babies with respiratory distress, meconium aspiration as well as high-risk babies, such as brain and other organ damages secondary to difficult birth.

Respiratory support (ventilator therapy), blood exchange, phototherapy, percutaneous catheter insertion (a thin tube extending from thin vessels of arm and leg to the heart), total parenteral nutrition (nutrition through intravenous line), placement of chest tube (treatment for air entrapment in the lung), bedside echocardiography, bed-side ultrasound (ultrasound scan to examine brain and other visceral organs), and retinopathy examination (eye exam for preterm babies) are carried out at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The unit is also supported by Pediatric Surgeons, Pediatric Neurologists and Pediatric Cardiologists.

The newborn infants who are discharged from the unit are cared at high-risk premature newborn outpatient clinic.


mustafakuldamali.png Prof. Mustafa KUL M.D. Pediatric Diseases Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Neonatology Unit) Physician Info