Personalized nutrition and diet programs are prepared at our hospital.
Nutrition and dietetics is a scientific branch that requires scientific education, deals with personalized and social nutrition plans and programs to ensure individuals' growth and development, protection of health for the lifetime and boosting the quality of life in accordance with nutrition science principles. Health problems originating from nutritional element, nutrient and nutrition are investigated, evaluated and solutions are found. It is ensured that the available food sources are used in accordance with rules of economy and health. Nutrition is reviewed and the individual and the society are informed to create awareness on and adopt physiologically, psychologically and sociologically health life styles and diet programs are created that contain natural and therapeutic nutrients which support medical and surgical treatment of acquired and congenital diseases and other special conditions.

Following services are offered in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics:

  • Healthy Eating and Weight Gain
  • Healthy Eating and Weight Loss
  • Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Follow-up of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Importance of Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Heart Diseases and Nutrition
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation
  • Gestational (Pregnancy Period) Diabetes
  • Sleep Apnea Syndrome (Short-Term Pause of Breathing)
  • Nutrition of Overweight Children
  • Nutrition of Children with Loss of Appetite
  • Nutrition of Children at School Age
  • Nutrition in Digestive System Diseases
  • Cancer and Nutrition
  • Kidney Diseases and Nutrition


Nutrition and Diet services are rendered at inpatient and outpatient settings in our hospital:



Personalized nutrition and diet programs are prepared at our hospital. A nutrition program is determined in the light of laboratory tests according to the individual’s metabolism, lifestyle and physical activity. Our target is to create a permanent alteration in eating habits throughout the treatment so that the lost weight is not gained back. Therefore, alternative food change lists are used. The aim is to ensure that the nutrition program is easily followed up in every environment without isolating the individual from social life and to prevent monotony in diet.


Dietary and nutritional needs of inpatients are determined, a plan is made and practices are followed up.
Nutritional and dietary treatment method is planned according to the characteristics of the diagnosed disease by the physician.
Room service staff is informed about the final nutritional and dietary treatment plan; meal trays are reviewed in catering services for the inpatients and necessary warnings are made.
Patients who need special diet are visited, diets of the patients are checked and special diet therapies to be performed at the hospital according to the disease are provided along with dietary and nutritional training.

Healing processes of inpatients are followed up, when necessary, and it is ensured that necessary changes are made in dietary and nutritional therapies.

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