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Reproductive Health (IVF) Center

Emsey Hospital - Reproductive Health (IVF) Center


In our Reproductive Health Center, a team of urologist, embryologist, psychologist and medical genetic specialists as well as specially trained nurses and most importantly obstetricians who are experienced in in vitro fertilization therapy provide the most proper and contemporary treatment options with scientifically proven accuracy by utilizing every means of modern medicine for couples longing to have children.

Early diagnosis and preventive medicine practices for gynecological diseases, regular screening tests and routine supervisions are conducted with care and precision at our center, wherein pre-conception genetic tests – detection of chromosome anomaly-, embryo freezing and selecting sperms with highest quality with IMSI technique are practiced.

In our advanced embryology laboratory, Endoscopic Reproductive Surgery and laparoscopic and hysteroscopic operations are performed successfully along with diagnostic and therapeutic methods such as testicular biopsy as well as ovulation induction (ovulation therapy), artificial insemination, conventional IVF, microinjection and other micromanipulation methods.


Orthopedics and Traumatology Center

Emsey Hospital - Orthopedics and Traumatology Center

Our center carries out diagnostic and treatment processes for all spinal and musculoskeletal disorders of children and adults successfully in operating theaters and physical medicine and rehabilitation units equipped with advanced medical technology.

At our center, necessary surgical operations are performed for scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal infections and various degenerative spinal problems as well as all pathologies related to spine such as soft tissue, spinal cord and bone tumors, herniated lumbar and cervical discs, stenotic canal and traumatic spinal paralysis.

A new generation treatment option, called Non-fusion Scoliosis (Scoliosis Thread) surgery, is carried out successfully at our Pediatric Orthopedics clinic which aims to be a reference center for Congenital Spinal Diseases.  Endoscopic (close) surgeries focus on comfort of patient and screws are driven to vertebras through small holes, wherein a camera is also inserted to see the procedure, and the abnormal curvature is corrected by stretching the spine with special threads over those screws. The thread attached to the screws driven to the spine of children protects mobility of the spine and so, growth of spine can continue especially in adolescents.  

Moreover, up-to-date approaches are available for treatment of age-dependent Degenerative Spinal Diseases in our center, and risks and benefits of surgery are reviewed personally for each patient and effective surgical treatments help patients resume a normal life as quickly as possible.  


Oncology Center

Emsey Hospital - Oncology Center…

Expert physicians and academicians use all possible means of modern medicine for multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of cancer in our center and the diagnosis is established with the help of personalized approaches at the phase of early diagnosis – the most important phase of anti-cancer treatment.

Oncologic Surgery Center renders services in operating theatres and intensive care units equipped with advanced technology and novel procedures in the field of cancer surgery are performed, as the staff is specialized in a wide range of specializations.

A team of physicians from all relevant branches and experienced psychologists, dieticians and chemotherapy nurses follows patients at our Medical Oncology Center and treatment processes are conducted with a great care and precision. Also, our patients are assessed from every aspect by Tumor Council consisting of physicians from various disciplines in order to plan the most proper and most effective treatment in the light of contemporary scientific evidences.

Thanks to Health Robotics technology which is used at our hospital for the first time in Turkey, targeted therapy drugs and molecules are untouched in the preparation phase and safely administered at personalized doses. Moreover, cosmetic concerns of patients are minimized by using a special cooling cap that alleviates loss of hair secondary to chemotherapy.

Along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy planning at our center, targeted treatment protocol is performed with Microsphere (Radio-Embolization) – a new generation treatment option in the field of Nuclear Medicine.

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC), also called hot chemotherapy, enables high concentration of chemotherapeutic agent in the tumor tissue, as the agent is injected directly into the peritoneum, and it is another treatment option available in our center.

Phytotherapy – healing power of nature guided by modern medicine

Phytotherapy is an herbal therapy that complements surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in cancer, and as is the case with all disease groups, herbal remedies with efficiencies proven by scientific studies are successfully used by our Medical Oncologist and Phytotherapy Expert Prof. Hakan Karagöl, M.D., in our Phytotherapy Center.

Doctors of Department: Medical Oncologist and Phytotherapy Expert Prof. Hakan Karagöl, M.D., Medical Oncologist Prof. Faysal Dane, M.D. and Yunus Kayalar, M.D.


Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Center

Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Center

Our Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Center has a series of state-of-the-art devices, experiences physicians and technicians and interdisciplinary approach is adopted by medical oncology, nuclear medicine, radiology and pathology departments while spread of tumor is investigated, tumor is staged and the most proper and effective treatment protocol is recommended.

Trilogy technology involves versatile IMRT, IGRT and SRT/SRC methods all over the world and it cannot only be used for different types of cancer, but it can also treat small lesions, as it can emit high doses within a short interval.

Moreover, MR-LINAC can very accurately irradiate even tumors that are located in moving organs and so, intact tissues are preserved with great care while the tumor is irradiated.

3D CONFORMAL Radiotherapy, another technological investment made by our center, enables virtual simulation of the diseased organ with extremely high precision and so, health tissues and organs are spared and most successful treatment option can be applied.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) - a non-invasive method that is effective for brain and head tumors –delivers high-dose pinpoint radiation to the cancerous tissue and high success rates are achieved in the treatment that protects healthy tissues and the patient in the fullest sense.


Healthy Life and Check-up Center

Healthy Life and Check-up Center

Check-up implies evaluating health status/well being of healthy people with personalized screening programs and preventing health problems, even including asymptomatic ones.

Today, most series conditions can successfully be cured with early diagnosis and therefore, periodical general medical examination is very important.

At Health Monitoring Center of Emsey Hospital, expert physicians of relevant disciplines and experienced check-up consultants prepare personalized Check-Up package that takes into consideration your age, gender, profession and life style according to personalized risk factors and you are accompanied by our consultants in each stage of the program.



Emsey Hospital Urology Department provides high-quality urological examination, observation and treatment services to adult and pediatric patients with its dynamic and well-informed staff. Our physician working in the department of urology aims to provide urology services competently by using their clinical experience and scientific studies and researches.



The experienced staff in Cardiology Department of Emsey Hospital diagnoses many rare and complex heart pathologies as well as common cardiac diseases and plans treatment in the light of up-to-date scientific data.

Our hospital follows up especially heart valve diseases, coronary artery diseases, congenital heart diseases, hypertrophic cardiomyopathies, heart failure and rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) with multidisciplinary approach and state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. Our cardiologists cooperate with the specialists of relevant branches, such as cardiovascular surgery team, endocrinologists, internists, pathologists, dietitians and physiotherapists, if required. This teamwork is “patient-oriented” and the patient is informed about possible treatment options and the most appropriate treatment is decided.

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